About Us

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America's Attorney Service, Inc., has been in business since Sept. 9, 1987. We began as a two-man law office servicing clients in the business, corporate, industrial, entertainment, energy construction, securities, technology and legal government sectors. We began developing small business plans for small business owners, who applied for loans through banks/SBA and were denied.

We developed a plan and began inviting men and women from around the globe to invest in American’s small businesses. We later partnered with Homeland Security and subordinate agencies like U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) through a program that was established by Congress called the EB-5 IMMIGRANT INVESTOR PROGRAM. Congress established this program in 1992, and it is extended every 4 years by the President.

Through the EB-5 Program, America's Attorney Service, Inc., has been successful in raising millions of dollars for small businesses from foreign investors who posted millions to become citizens in America. We later began to work with Angel Investors to raise capital for small business owners.

In 1996, America's Attorney Service, Inc., grew from an eight to a 21-man firm with the support of attorneys, paralegals, law clerks, investigators, bond writers, financial underwriters, consultants and other experts who service the business and financial sectors. With the aforementioned support and innovations in technology, America's Attorney Service, Inc., grew to one of the nation’s most successful corporate funding services.

In 2013, America's Attorney Service, Inc’s., investor roster grew from 101 in 2002 to 13,740. This growth was facilitated by the more than 800 attorneys, 1000 brokers and 10,000 banks associated with America's Attorney Service, Inc. worldwide. However, America's Attorney Service, Inc., defines itself by its “word of mouth” business from satisfied clients.

Over the years, America’s Attorney Service, Inc. assisted or directly obtained funding for more than 18,300 small businesses, with loans, investments, surety bonds, bid bonds, collateral bonds, corporate bonds, insurance bonds, insurance policies, private placements, venture capital and other financial vehicles.

We funded farms, manufacturers, industrial firms and even cities, counties and state governments. In this type of funding, we mainly specialize in assisting governmental agencies in meeting their financial obligations via bonds, municipal bonds and other financial instruments. We also have experience in money supply (M-I, M-2, M-3 and others), which we use to fund hospitals and schools, as well.

In Closing; for more than 27 years, America’s Attorney Service, Inc. worked to build a good name and solid reputation in the legal and financial sectors so that we can provide our clients the best possible service.